This page contains two collections of my work.  First my abstract designs hand painted by me mixing cyan, yellow and magenta acrylic paints.  Second is a small selection of my landscape images created by blending of my photographic images with my abstract artwork using digital techniques.  More of these can be seen at my shop in Stockport.  Information on how to buy these as prints and canvasses can be found at the end of this page.


My abstract artwork colour and shape is created on the substrate, no shades are pre-mixed.  The way I spread the three colours (sometimes using a little white) depends on the effect I am trying to achieve in my mind’s eye. It never ceases to amaze me how the three colours blend as I combine them with all sorts of implements – palette knives, brushes, sponges, my fingers, even combs!  The colours flow and ebb naturally and organically, creating an effect which is both dramatically striking and easy on the eye at the same time.  I present each design here as I believe it is viewed best, in a landscape or portrait format; but the choice is yours! Each design has a number; I don’t name them so you can decide what they say to you.   

Landscape designs:

Click image to see forward and back arrows. Click image again if you want to open it in a new window.

Portrait Designs:


My landscapes collection combines my love of photography and my Photoshop skills with my passion for colour. I created these images through using digital methods to blend the photorealistic detail of buildings, people, animals and scenery with washes of colour from the image itself and sometimes with my own abstract art originally created with acrylics and also inks. As with my abstract art, I look for a balance of detail, symmetry and colour when creating each piece and I delight in bringing out the beauty in them.  Having lived in Stockport for 30 years, and with my art shop inside the historic Stockport Market Hall, much of my work in this collection features local landmarks. 

How to buy:

I provide my artwork as standard in a mount, frame or as a canvas and can also fulfill bespoke orders in a range of other materials.  You can view and buy my work either by visiting my shop, Glass Umbrella Art, at the Market Hall, Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1ES, or by contacting me online via the website or my Facebook page.


Prices for prints in mounts start at £15.  My prices for standard options are listed below.  Please ask if you have a specific requirement not covered below.

  • Framed print in black or white frame (sizes approx)
    • A2 –  £95 plus postage*  (Print 60cm x 40cm. Overall frame 73cm x 53cm)
    • A3 –  £60 plus postage*  (Print 40cm x 30cm. Overall frame 53cm x 43cm)
    • A4 –  £50 plus postage* (Print 30cm x 20cm. Overall frame  43cm x 33cm)
    • A5 –  £25 (plus postage* (Print 18cm x 13cm. Overall frame 27cm x 21 cm)
  • Mounted print (sizes approx)
    • A2 – £TBA  (Print  60cm x 40cm. Mount 70cm x 50cm)
    • A3 – £40 plus postage*  (Print 40cm x 30cm. Mount 50cm x 40cm)
    • A4 – £30 plus postage* (Print 30cm x 20cm. Mount 40cm x 30cm)
    • A5 – £15 plus postage*  (Print 18cm x 13cm. Mount 24cm x 18cm)
  • Canvas
    • 80cm x 60cm x 2cm   – £90  (price includes delivery)
    • 100cm x 75cm x 2cm – £120  (price includes delivery)

Please note: If you need a specific print size please let me know.   I can also quote you for box style canvases which are 4cm deep and other materials including perspex and aluminium

* You can collect orders from our shop or we quote you the cost of posting orders to you.